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Multiplatform Experience

A digital eCommerce & Gaming multiplatform 100% self manageable with global reach...

Offering sustainable Experiences and solutions through ecological guarantees. Integrated in a high tech system unprecedented for travelers and service providers, local producers and NGO´s around the world. The platform is supported in blockchain technology, introducing the Zenz token enriching the ecosystem through a series of incentives for clients, providers and investors in this on-line community.

How Wezenz works

Explore the world gaming

Register & Download

Choose your favorite sustainable experience, local product or NGO

Meet, Review and share your world wide experiences

Play, discover and win sustainably!

Become a host

Join and win

Join & manage your experiences

Certify your Products or Equate your green Stamp

Connect & meet your client

Win with Sense

Play Wezenz

Have fun discovering the world

Plan your next destination

Search for ECO-points & Experiences

Visit and enjoy your favorite products

Earn Zeeds & win rewards (Zenz token, $, Green Zeenz)

Allies and Recognitions

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Headquarter: Europe – Lisboa, Portugal

 Operations Office: South America – Caracas, Venezuela

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Phone : +58 414 2659555

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